About us

Our mission is to advance the profession of content strategy and strengthen our community by sharing knowledge and connecting people.

Content Strategy Seattle (CSS) is a community of professionals organized around a shared interest in all facets of content strategy. We welcome people of all levels of awareness and expertise in all things content-related to participate and contribute to all of our activities, including attending and presenting at our events and developing resources for the community.

CSS grew out of the Content Strategy Seattle Meetup group, which was founded in 2009 and has consistently presented events with speakers on a variety of topics, both in-person and online. Highlights include Kristina Halvorson, Margot Bloomstein, Deane Barker, Carrie Hane, Andy Fitzgerald, Kevin Nichols, Hilary Marsh, Val Swisher, Corey Vilhauer, Rebecca Evanhoe, Torry Podmajersky, Colleen Jones, and many more.

In 2019 we created a Slack channel to be able to have more direct contact with our group and provide a way to share job postings and other resources. We invite everyone to join us there to stay in touch in real time.

Larry Swanson with panelists at an in-person event.
While our monthly Meetups will continue to be a CSS focus, we are planning to grow our offerings beyond those events. Looking forward, we are exploring how we can best serve our community, with a particular focus on helping members make connections with one another, learn about job opportunities, and increase their skills. This website is a key part of our effort to create a hub for our activities and outreach.

We are an all-volunteer organization fueled by the passion and participation of our organizers and members. We invite your participation and feedback.

Code of Conduct
Content Strategy Seattle is committed to creating a tolerant, inclusive community. We ask our members and speakers to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Support CSS

If you have enjoyed our events and appreciate the resources we offer, there are several ways to support our work.
Buy a t-shirt: We have a CSS-branded line of t-shirts and hoodies available; besides showing your support directly, we get a small donation from each sale.
Donate via Meetup when you register for an event
Donate via PayPal


Want to help organize Content Strategy Seattle meetups and other programs? Contact us!

Paula Land

Founder and principal consultant at Strategic Content; co-founder of Content Insight; author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook for Content Analysis, 2nd Edition; guest lecturer at UW iSchool and FH Johanneum (Austria).

Larry Swanson

UX content strategist focused on content architecture (strategy, modeling, information architecture). Host of the Content Strategy Insights podcast.

Ariel Van Spronsen

Ariel van Spronsen is a Senior Content Strategist at HubSpot, previously at Expedia. She spent a decade in the agency and freelance consulting worlds before taking some time off to focus on her dream of becoming a hairstylist. While she still does a little bit of hair on the side, she is happy to be back working in content and sharing her passion for the field with others. She lives in Seattle with her three-footed cat, Cora.

Amy White

Amy is a freelance website designer who built the Content Strategy Seattle website. She has worked in content design for state government and small businesses, and is a certified Object-Oriented UX Strategist. Over the years, she's been an engineer, writer, teacher, program manager, and small business owner.

Jim Petillo

Jim Petillo is a marketing/content technologist.

Courtney Doane

Courtney is a content strategist completing her certificate program at the University of Washington. She is a leader in the community and is passionate about coaching youth sports.