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January 1, 2024

2023 In Review


Paula Land

We had another amazing year at Content Strategy Seattle. Our Meetup lineup this year included these luminaries (including two international speakers): David Dylan Thomas talking about design for cognitive bias, Mike Doane on turning tacit knowledge into real content, Margot Bloomstein and Greg Storey in conversation about bringing content strategy into design systems, Erica Jorgensen on content research, Ariel van Spronsen on building collaboration and gaining influence in your teams, Michael Metts on leading like you, Arikia Millikan on the implications of publishing with "platishers," Matt Fenwick on a framework for making better tactical content decisions, Jeff Eaton on the doctrine gap, and Shannon Leahy on tactics for growing your content career. We were also graced with the in-person presence of Ahava Leibtag for a summer happy hour/informal panel event. Then we wrapped up the year with a bang. In December, Cruce Saunders and Michael Andrews brought their collective experience and serious brain power to the timely topic of structured content in content design.


Thanks again to all our amazing presenters in 2023 and we invite everyone to join us at the next or upcoming events. Keep an eye on our Meetup page or here to stay informed of our events and get links to videos and slides.


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