Wednesday, October 11, 2023

October 11, 2023

The Doctrine Gap


Jeff Eaton

6:00 pm

Pacific Time



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Strategy is your approach to achieving goals, and tactics are the specific actions you take to implement them. But even with a well-documented content strategy and the best follow-through, a team’s unique perspectives—the lessons it’s learned, its beliefs about how tools should be used, and its reasoning about why specific decisions make sense—usually go unarticulated.

Those invisible principles are a critical bridge between strategic plans and tactical follow-through. Uncovering, articulating, and documenting them produces doctrine: a shared playbook that can keep your team on track through staff turnover, shifting priorities, and changing technology. In this talk, we’ll discuss the role doctrine plays, how it’s helped other organizations bring clarity to their content work, and how teams can start using it.

About the speaker(s)

Jeff Eaton

Jeff Eaton is a founding partner at Autogram and a digital strategist with more than 25 years of experience in content architecture, CMS development, and large-scale digital publishing. In 1983, he used a Fisher-Price Printing Press to publish a neighborhood newspaper — today, he helps with large and small companies design and refine their own publishing platforms.

He’s worked with clients like Sony Pictures, IBM, World Wrestling Entertainment, The Federal Reserve Bank, Verizon Wireless and MSNBC to untangle their complex content. He looks forward to the day when all the PDFs have finally been converted.

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