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January 3, 2023

Content Strategy Seattle 2022 Year in Review


Paula Land

2022 was a breakthrough year for Content Strategy Seattle. In addition to our packed calendar of events, this is the year that we launched our new branding (thanks to volunteer designer Megan Biggs), launched this website (thanks to volunteer Webflow guru Amy White), and even developed a line of CSS merchandise!

Our 2022 speaker lineup spanned a wide range of topics and garnered a large, widespread audience (one of the benefits of being virtual is being able to bring in speakers and attendees from all over the country and around the world).

2022 also marked our first in-person event in over two years, when we hosted a Button conference pre-party in October, preceded by a fireside chat with Kristina Halvorson in September.

One major theme of the year reflected a theme in our industry—the increasing awareness of the connection between content and design, including a two-part panel discussion led by Michael Haggerty Villa on content in design systems (our July and August events) and a discussion about how content strategists can leverage object-oriented UX, led by Sophia Prater (September). Scott Kubie (June) and Sarah Johnson (April) gave us practical, useful tools for keeping content front and center in our designs and content ecosystems.

Natalie Marie Dunbar (October) and Corey Vilhauer (March) focused on the practice and role of content strategists, from building a practice to being the glue that holds web projects together. Bram Wessel (May) spoke about our role as content strategists in combatting misinformation.

Amy Grace Wells (November) and Lauren Etheridge and Carrie Hane (February) reminded us of the importance of the human element in our content work, with talks on supporting neurodiversity and accessibility and unlocking empathy.

And we bookended the year with topics on the cutting edge of our practice--Rebecca Evanhoe (January) spoke about conversation design and the intersection with content strategy and Andrea Zeller (December) introduced us to the challenges and opportunities of writing for virtual reality experiences.

Our goal: to move beyond being just a Meetup and build out a community that supports and uplifts its members, whether that’s through learning and connecting through our events, opportunities to speak, sharing of resources, or finding a job through our Slack #jobs channel. There’s so much more we hope to do in the coming year—we hope you’ll stay tuned and get involved. In addition to attending our events, we would love to have guest writers for this blog, suggestions for resources in our Topics area, and of course, speakers. If you’re interested in any of those opportunities, contact us.

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