Tuesday, August 9, 2022

August 9, 2022

Content in Design Systems and Beyond: The Discussion Continues


Michael Haggerty-Villa, Rebekah Wolf, Michael Andrews & Vanessa Schuller

6:00 pm

Pacific Time



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Content builds better designs and systems and is a critical part of the work being done by our design and engineering communities.

Content Strategy Seattle is pleased to bring back this stellar panel of content and design experts to talk about content, design, systems, standards, and structure. In this expanded discussion, four content and design professionals share their design systems experiences and talk about how content makes design systems more useful, clear, and influential.

We decided to expand and redo this meetup to make up for the disruption caused by Zoom bombers during our July event. We apologize to those who registered and were blocked from that event and to those who were subjected to the negative messages.

All the panelists from the July event agreed that the discussion about content in design systems was just beginning. There are still more issues and ideas to explore. This was one of Content Strategy Seattle’s most popular meetups, and we’re thrilled to bring it back as an even larger and safer event.

Panelists will talk about Microsoft’s Fluent Design System, the Atlassian Design System, the Compass Design System, and innovative work being done at companies such as Conde Nast.

Some questions they'll explore:
• How does your content show up in designs? How can we make it better?
• How do systems strategies help us deliver better content?
• How do editorial style guides fit into design systems?
• I don’t work on a design system now. What systems thinking and strategies can work for me?
• How do we work with design tools and make sure content doesn’t get lost in them?

About the speaker(s)

Michael Haggerty-Villa

Michael Haggerty-Villa is a senior product design manager at Compass, where he has led the content strategy and design for the Compass Design System. Previously he was the design lead for the Intuit QuickBooks Design System and the founding content designer of the Intuit Content Design System. He has also worked on design systems for Disney and eBay.

Rebekah Wolf

Rebekah Wolf leads content design and strategy for Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. By designing components and baking voice, style, and content patterns into the design system, she scales content design across Microsoft. With more than 15 years of experience, Rebekah revels in transforming complex ideas into crisp, clear content that guides people forward. Across the company and beyond, she advocates for content design thinking in every step of the design process.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews is currently an independent content strategist with a special focus on content architecture and models. You can read his blog, StoryNeedle, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Vanessa Schuller

Vanessa Schuller is a Senior UX Writer at Condé Nast with a focus on Design Systems. Having started her career as a public school teacher, her specialty is making complex information simple. Prior to joining Condé, she managed history content development at Vanessa graduated from the University of Kansas and currently lives in New York City.

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