Thursday, February 15, 2024

February 15, 2024

Executive Alignment in Five Conversations: Protecting Your Projects From Churn


Tamara Adlin

6:00 pm

Pacific Time



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It doesn’t matter how streamlined and sane your strategies and processes are if you have misaligned executives. Executive alignment needs to be a new tool in your "managing up" toolbox. Learn how an alignment persona workshop can help your execs align themselves in five key conversations.

The five conversations are:

  • Business goals mad-libs
  • Today’s words for users
  • Identifying wants and needs
  • “Persona-ify” to create alignment persona candidates
  • Prioritize the candidates to reflect the business goals.

In this talk we’ll cover each of the conversations and walk through how to conduct the workshop. We’ll also discuss the “why” behind these questions. We’ll see how the workshop drives toward in your “Magical Sentence,” which you can use to keep stakeholders and entire projects on track: “Our primary business goal is X, so we have to make [persona name] ridiculously happy…right?”

About the speaker(s)

Tamara Adlin

Tamara Adlin is a UX and strategy consultant who works with early-stage startups and big businesses that want to behave more like startups. She co-authored the Persona Lifecycle books and created Alignment Personas to solve the practical problems that interfere with creating great products. She is also a team and career coach and evangelist for Phyl Terry’s Never Search Alone.

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