Tuesday, September 14, 2021

September 14, 2021

Content Across Channels: Tips & Tricks for Modeling Modular Customer Experiences


Beth Weaving, Cody Durain & Samuel Erickson

6:00 pm

Pacific Time



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Join members of the [A] team – – as they walk through the ins and outs of using content models as part of the digital design lifecycle. See an active approach and hear lessons learned from in-flight internal projects.

Join this lively discussion led by professionals working on different parts of the digital development process using structured, modular content. Meet some new voices from the [A] team and bring your experiences and questions to share. Together, we will explore the nuts and bolts of building modular customer experiences.


  • Understanding of content models and their role in digital publishing
  • Lessons learned from working across departments and teams toward a shared outcome
  • The foundational pieces to enable intelligent customer experiences

About the speaker(s)

Beth Weaving

Beth leads [A]’s effort to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation with [A]’s Content Intelligence methodology.

Her skills include wrangling requirements and user needs to manage content technology vendor selection, strategic facilitation, and business analysis. As a content engineer, Beth contributes to creating comprehensive content models, content types, and prototypes, along with information architecture and functional specifications upon which large content technology initiatives are based.

Cody Durain

Cody is the Creative Producer at [A] and manages the editorial, design, marketing, and public relations departments. He performs a versatile role within the company and is an agile, quick learning, [A]gent. With experience working as IT support and within the publishing industry, his wide range of experience allows him to aid other [A]gents as an ever evolving resource.

Samuel Erickson

Samuel is a semantics engineer and product manager for a number of internal projects at [A]. He applies experience in taxonomy, ontology, and content modeling to help clients craft intelligent semantics frameworks for multi-channel content delivery. As a product manager, Samuel incorporates [A]’s content modeling and orchestration methodologies to create powerful tools for both [A]gents and clients.

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